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Batic Bound and Around Route

Batic Bound and Around Route

Appendix 1 - Bob's & Kenny's Photos

Bob's photos first.

On the drive from Wesel to Berlin, Bob & Thelma went into the countryside and drove along some great narrow cobbled roads and came across this wonderful small ferry.


A good group photo of us all, minus Bob, in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

As we were walking around Berlin, I saw this Trabant centre but didn't take any photos. Luckily Bob did.

Finally from Bob, a beautiful photo of nesting storks at the top of a telegraph pole. Not sure if it is a chick's head just above the nest, or the mother sitting on eggs.

Now to Kenny's contribution! Couldn't resist posting these two.

The car being worked on to drain out all the petrol in the diesel tank. How about this photo? Are these Kenny's feet we can see??

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lesliemoss said...

Sorry about Chelsea, Tim; still, they did hold out for the first 38 seconds of the game!!!!!!
I'm afraid they were never really in the game. Looking forward to your next updates. Les

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